Not everyone sees things in the same way. Take for instance the photo at the top of the man holding the baby deer. At first glance, after seeing the title ‘Kind Food, Kind You’, some see the deer as food where others will see the man as being kind. I see the man as being kind as I am a Vegetarian and don’t see animals as food. Vegetarianism is a kind way of eating.

I created this blog in an attempt to help people see the kinder side of things. The kinder side of eating. The kinder side of living.

There are many opinions out there about eating and about the kindest ways of eating. May I suggest that we all have patience with one another and tolerance. Especially with those who are trying to do the right thing though they are not perfect as they try. A tree takes much longer to grow than a weed. It is not the time it takes to mature, but that it does, little by little…grow!


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