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Who told us that we had to eat animals? Unless we are just mean, most people simply grew up eating them because as children, we ate what was placed before us. Then perhaps some people go by the Bible, stating that God ‘allowed’ it. Being adults, we are ‘allowed’ many things, such as alcohol, cigarettes, etc. but just being allowed to do something doesn’t mean we should. The days of the Ark are long gone and vegetation has long returned. Shouldn’t the lives of God’s creatures matter? And what about other religions and cultures, such as Hinduism and Jainism. Their scriptures (the Vedas) promote Vegetarianism. Even some Christian denominations promote Vegetarianism as well, such as Seventh-Day Adventists. There are some groups of Jews too that support not eating animals. So it’s not about a religion nor a command; it’s a choice that people make individually.

We call them ‘slaughter’ houses. We tend to shy away from the words a house of killing or a house of murder. Where is the compassion for these precious animals? Can you imagine what they go through being treated like nothing, abused, and killed?

I was watching a food show the other night and in it they were putting together a carnival food. They started with a hot dog. When most people see a hot dog they SEE a hot dog. In my mind, I saw a cow being killed. Am I being too dramatic? Or am I speaking truth? It takes a person to simply think about it and want to do something to help stop their pain and suffering.

One of the fastest ways to help is eating less meat and drinking less milk. Eating more soybean products for protein and cutting back on milk by drinking more soymilk, almond milk or coconut milk. Try eating no meat for one or more full days a week. If you want to really help animals from being killed, your diet makes a HUGE impact! You can search the internet and find out the different kinds of Vegetarians and find out about Vegan.

Also I will post a future article dealing with chickens. Until then I wrote a little about that subject at the following link: People Tend To Look Away

I saw a photo that said “Meat is a mean way to get protein”. There are many other ways to get protein…..and many kind ways. Kind food, kind you.





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