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Where does a heart begin? Especially a heart that feels helpless. Our world is filled with both good and bad. If we want a world that is good then everyone must make a decision to be good. Since that won’t happen then we must decide individually to be good and SPREAD good. Sometimes the spreading of good helps others to begin their own journey of being and spreading good.

Although death is not a choice, choosing to live healthy and not promoting death surely IS a choice. Therefore, I promote the lives of beings, not their slaughter. I promote the right of all beings to be happy as well. What being can truly be happy slaughtering or being slaughtered?

People are unique individuals with many different opinions and thoughts. Though these opinions can be right or wrong I believe in tolerance where I may differ in thought. We are not all of the same race nor religion, but can we not accept one another and find the joy in learning what we each believe without condemnation? Our hearts need to soar and be joyful, not depressed.

I created this blog in an attempt to help people see the kinder side of things. The kinder side of eating. The kinder side of living. To have a heart that no longer feels helpless, but one that feels like a difference has been made in the lives of others, whether few or many, because good has been spread. I’m an Animal Activist Blogger, Humane Education & Environmental Advocate! My heart needs to soar and be joyful! I hope that this blog will prove a blessing to it’s readers…






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  1. Heather says:

    I love this: “What being can truly be happy slaughtering or being slaughtered?” It’s so true. I completely agree on your approach to life–compassion is always the best choice, in every aspect of life!

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