See Clearly Without Blinders


Pluck a berry from a bush or an ear of corn from the stalk. You will hear no complaint, no cries of pain. The tree, bush or plant are stationary in the ground. On the other hand, to eat an animal one must first catch him or her. For if they know your plan they will run for their life! And if caught and struck with a blow or with a killing instrument…they will cry in pain. Yes, there certainly IS a difference in our food choices.

No matter the food choices of others, these innocent animals will be defended by me as best as I can. Although people may know they are eating meat, some are symbolically eating with blinders on…..not understanding they are eating a being that was killed. For if a child was never introduced to meat, he or she may become bewildered that a person would eat a beings’ BODY! Perhaps go as far as to think of their own body. A child accustomed to gardening may understand that food to them has mud, not blood.

Animals need our love and they need our help. I have been Vegetarian for sixteen years and a part-time Vegan. People transition in their own time. I educate and make people aware of the plights of animals on factory farms. I suppose one could say that I take people’s blinders off. Surely it’s better to see your food than to eat in the dark! Please treat animals kindly. Defend them all. Go beyond loving and defending the pets at home. For an animal is an animal, no matter the color, or size or shape. Kindness does the heart and conscience good.




All Who Have Life


My heart is inspired. It does my heart good to know that there are others out in our world fighting for animals. Sometimes I get depressed and feel despair to think of all the precious animals killed to eat or abused or chained. So much sadness, madness and cruelty.

But we are making headway! I don’t have statistics but I have a theory. When more and more people come together because they are outraged and those people make others aware of the outrage, then the movement grows, people and government listens and change happens. And change IS happening.

I wish more people would think about this question: “Just because one is used to eating animals, or just because the inside of the animal taste good, does that make it right to kill it and eat it?”

Children care. Most children don’t get a choice of what they eat. They eat the food placed before them. They get ‘used’ to eating meat, disassociating it from the living, loving animal who had feelings. The innocent child eating the innocent animal. One must ask themselves: “When is it no longer innocent to eat the innocent?”

It is not that this animal’s life is worth more or less than that animal’s life. It’s that life  IN GENERAL is a gift to ALL who have life. There is no difference.

Let’s do a right thing. A thing that will make us happy and make animals happy. Let’s get them out of cages, off of chains, out of laboratories, out of factories that kill and abuse them, and away from abusers. How? Fight for them, speak up for them, sign petitions for them, do not eat them…….care for them and love them. Please oh please, love them!

My Kind Of Activism


In my previous post I promised to tell you why I post BOTH Vegetarian and Vegan recipes. It has much to do with my kind of activism.

My goal, like many others, is to make a difference for change. A change for the good of people, animals, plants and air, etc. The way that people do this varies between persons, groups, companies, etc. It’s important that when I post or say something that it is heard and received well enough to make one ‘think’. I believe being kind, patient and respectful of my audience’s intelligence is a far better way and far better reach.

There are many activists with fire in their veins. Their hearts are just as passionate as mine and there are those who will listen to them. I won’t judge them and say that their way has  less of an impact than mine. What I will say is that we both have a place in activism. Someone who will not listen to who they consider extremists WILL listen to me. On the other hand, there will be those who may say I have little passion and will listen to those with fire in their veins. But what people DON’T see are the hearts of activists. They beat the same. The passion the same. They both want change. They just take two different roads leading to the same destination. Activists shouldn’t criticize each others approach, but be encouraging what ever path they’ve chosen.

On the flip side of this activism coin is the uninformed or unaware public or ‘individual’. Just as one cannot see the heart of the activist, one cannot see the heart of the individual. To reach the top of a ladder one must climb. So too, to reach a better state one must progress. People all over the world are in different places in their progression. Some may be at the bottom, some in the middle, some at top and others in between. We MUST have patience with anyone who is even ON the ladder! We shouldn’t look down on the beginner, for we were once a beginner. We don’t know if a person will make it to the top or stay where they are all their life. But for me to have peace in my heart, I must be patient and love people where they are. I can’t climb the ladder for anyone except myself.Yet I can encourage those on the ladder without condemnation for where they’re at nor do I condemn them if they’ve stopped moving. Hence…..I post both Vegetarian and Vegan recipes. Where some may see Vegan as superior is not my argument here. It’s the fact that I want to celebrate ALL those who are on the ladder, the ladder with it’s mission to save the world!! ❤

A Sense Of Kindness


Have you ever thought about all the differences in our world? The different colors, different animals, different shapes, different fish, etc,etc! People have differences in size, hair color, religion, what hand they write with, etc, etc. We live in a world of VAST differences. Some people can see or hear better than others. Since this is true, it is equally as true that some people have a stronger sense of smell than others.

That brings us to the precious canary photo above: Years ago in coal mines they used a canary to determine if their air supply was toxic. The toxic gasses would kill the canary first, alerting the miners to get out! There is a growing disease called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, abbreviated MCS. People who have this disease are referred to as ‘Canaries’. I, myself, have this. There is a difference though. The canary in the coal mine had no smell of warning or danger. Most of the time ‘we’ do. It’s well known as fragrance. It makes people with MCS very ill. It’s not the odor itself because some fragrance is pleasant. It’s the chemicals IN and sometimes OF the fragrance. Just because you don’t smell danger and I do, doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous to our health. I feel like those movie actors who try to warn the officials of coming danger, but am unheeded until it’s too late.


Fragrance is found in SO many products. Soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, the list goes on and on. The problem for sufferers of MCS is that it takes just a small amount or a small whiff of these chemicals to make us terribly ill. The off-gases of things like paint can do the same thing. A dear friend of mine was trying to think of a solution for me, when she suggested I wear a mask. Some people actually do wear masks. I’m not to that point and I hope I never am. I told her that it was a funny thought that I could be out shopping wearing a mask and people thinking I had some awful and contagious disease, when it actuality it was I who was protecting myself from ‘them’! You may be wondering at this point what you can do to help people who have MCS. Maybe you have a friend or family member with it. Here are some tips:


Educate yourself about MCS and chemicals. These products affect our environment we all  live in! They are not healthy for any of us. It’s all about money making for the companies who make products with these chemicals for the consumer to buy. Please don’t buy poison, no matter how great it smells or how pretty the bottle is. Follow environmental social medias.

When you visit someone who has MCS, please wear no fragrance. An alternative may be a light essential oil based fragrance. They shouldn’t have chemicals. And pre-wash your clothes in a fragrance free detergent. Yes, I can even smell fragrance in clothes.

If a person with MCS is visiting your home, please do not light any fragrant candles or use any air freshener spray. When my daughter was young she told me how she loved that our home had a neutral smell. I use baking soda with a natural lemon dish soap to clean most things. And Murphy’s Oil Soap (99% natural) on our wood floors/cabinets. Try shopping for products at your local natural foods store or Co-op. I don’t use bleach at all. I’ve read that a great substitute for bleach is hydrogen peroxide. 🙂

I hope I’ve helped someone out there to understand MCS a little better. Getting away from chemicals and fragrance is healthy for the environment, for you and for those you are around, whether friend, family or the general public. Going natural is a kind way to be. May we have a ‘sense of kindness’ to those around us.

Kind Food, Kind YOU.



It’s About So Much More

No, I don’t eat animals…..but it’s about so much more than that. It’s not just what I do or don’t do, it’s how I THINK. This video shows the degradation of mankind in my eyes. I don’t want myself nor others to be like the person in this video. I want to think and be kinder ❤

Kind food, kind YOU…

Target Employee’s act of Kindness Will Inspire YOU to Practice Kindness

Kindness is learned many times. If one didn’t learn it as a child, then witnessing it as an adult will help you learn it as an adult. Never too late! 🙂

Kindness Blog

A random act of kindness (and a little patience) goes a long way on the Internet.

Ishmael Gilbert, a Target employee in Glendale, Indiana, inspired many people with his kindness when a customer took a picture of him patiently helping an elderly woman pay for her groceries with coins.

Target Employee's act of Kindness Will Inspire YOU to Practice Kindness

Sarah Owen Bilger wrote on Facebook;

“[I] was frustrated with this woman and the inconvenience she had placed on me…I watched him help her count her change, ever so tenderly taking it from her shaking hands. I listened to him repeatedly saying “yes, mam” to her…Never once did this employee huff, gruff or roll his eyes. He was nothing but patient and kind,”

Bilger was also with her daughter and she was especially happy that her child was able to witness the interaction.

“I realized I hadn’t been inconvenienced at all.That my daughter was instead witnessing kindness and patience and…

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A Healthy Push


So many of us criticize ourselves. It may sound absurd, but many times acceptance of oneself brings peace with the benefit of ‘change’! By taking the pressure off of yourself, you’re able to breathe and actually be happy!

People have different reasons for exercising. Some want a better looking body where others want good health. Here’s yet another example and it’s about me: I weigh just under 100 pounds and I’m 5’1″ tall. I am very petite. I can wear children size clothes and shoes. I decided to exercise today by walking. I greatly need more muscle and weight. If I were a fruit maybe I’d be considered a raspberry. They are so fragile!! The point is, we are ALL different from one another, but we need to see how special we are as individuals, similar to the photo above.

Now don’t get me wrong. Acceptance is one thing, but our health is another. Exercise is a kind thing to do FOR your body. When you exercise for your health it brings results to your body both inside AND out. So whichever wonderful ‘fruit’ you may be, exercise will just make you a prize specimen! You know what I mean? Such as when you go the market and look at all of a particular fruit and pick the best from the bunch.

So you may be asking, “how do I start”? Well, starting is something you must choose to do. Sometimes it’s the hardest part. But if you are kind to yourself and not put so much pressure on yourself, you’re more likely to make progress! Try exercising for 5 minutes to start with. Some may laugh at this, but sometimes the slower you go the faster you will reach your goal. If you do too much too quickly, many give up.

It’s also good to push yourself a little. And I mean a ‘little’. If you’ve done 10 deep knee bends, then the next time do 11 or 12. You’ll gain strength and lose weight, but you just can’t do it in one day. I’m in this with you, so if you need support make a comment. I’ll see what I can do! A healthy push is good, but don’t overdo and stay the course…


People Tend To Look Away


Before I became a Vegetarian, I looked the other way. Although I didn’t eat large quantities of meat, I didn’t know how to cook without meat nor did I know what I would order at restaurants. I just turned it off. It was too much of a hassle.

But one day I obtained a pamphlet about the use of animals as food. The photos seared into my brain. I kept the pamphlet but ‘put it away’. Closed my eyes. But when something is seared into your mind…it never lets go. So after a couple of years I found the pamphlet and began to THINK. To think about the animals that are killed by the droves. To think about how ‘they’ must feel.

Not long after that in the Summer of 2000, I was driving down the road and saw a mother cow rubbing up against her baby. That was my turning point. I thought to myself, “they have feelings”! If they can love, then they can hurt. That moment I began to try to go without eating animals. I no longer called them meat, I called them what they truly are: animals, beings. For the most part I did just fine in my journey to become Vegetarian. I would cheat now and then, especially at Thanksgiving. Turkey was the last animal to stop eating. Gravy is cheating as well. But for some people, it’s just what one does on their road to completely stopping. It is not a road that I condemn. I commend even the people who are trying to stop by simply eating LESS meat. Eating less meat each week or even whole days will save animals lives. Meat demand is high. If people ate less meat, the demand would lessen and fewer animals would have to die. I understand that farm animals consume MUCH more water than people realize because the demand for meat is high. If the amount of meat consumed was reduced, (reducing the population by less demand) this may prove part of the answer to the need for human water consumption!

I am a Vegetarian, not a Vegan. I do consume both dairy AND non-dairy substitutes. Whether I one day go Vegan remains to be seen, but consuming non-dairy alternatives works just like the meat scenario: the less the demand the more lives saved.

If one becomes Vegetarian it is wise to do your homework when buying eggs and dairy. Find a farmer who treats his/her animals well or find a good natural foods store and ask about the farms or those who own the farm. I like Happy Eggs. A link to a video will follow at the end of this post. Of course the Happy Eggs are pricier, but having a clear conscience is worth the price to me. I have my own hens/eggs, but they do not always lay eggs due to weather extremes, therefore I must then buy them at the store. I have a lot of land where they roam free. They are a joy to watch and care for.

I will be posting Vegetarian and Vegan recipes each week to help anyone on a journey to go meat/animal free or dairy/egg free. It’s a journey I have been most happy with as each year passes. It’s a process that may take time, but have patience with yourself. Grow at YOUR pace. It’s not a race, it’s a lifestyle.

The Happy Egg Company


Not everyone sees things in the same way. Take for instance the photo at the top of the man holding the baby deer. At first glance, after seeing the title ‘Kind Food, Kind You’, some see the deer as food where others will see the man as being kind. I see the man as being kind as I am a Vegetarian and don’t see animals as food. Vegetarianism is a kind way of eating.

I created this blog in an attempt to help people see the kinder side of things. The kinder side of eating. The kinder side of living.

There are many opinions out there about eating and about the kindest ways of eating. May I suggest that we all have patience with one another and tolerance. Especially with those who are trying to do the right thing though they are not perfect as they try. A tree takes much longer to grow than a weed. It is not the time it takes to mature, but that it does, little by little…grow!