See Clearly Without Blinders


Pluck a berry from a bush or an ear of corn from the stalk. You will hear no complaint, no cries of pain. The tree, bush or plant are stationary in the ground. On the other hand, to eat an animal one must first catch him or her. For if they know your plan they will run for their life! And if caught and struck with a blow or with a killing instrument…they will cry in pain. Yes, there certainly IS a difference in our food choices.

No matter the food choices of others, these innocent animals will be defended by me as best as I can. Although people may know they are eating meat, some are symbolically eating with blinders on…..not understanding they are eating a being that was killed. For if a child was never introduced to meat, he or she may become bewildered that a person would eat a beings’ BODY! Perhaps go as far as to think of their own body. A child accustomed to gardening may understand that food to them has mud, not blood.

Animals need our love and they need our help. I have been Vegetarian for sixteen years and a part-time Vegan. People transition in their own time. I educate and make people aware of the plights of animals on factory farms. I suppose one could say that I take people’s blinders off. Surely it’s better to see your food than to eat in the dark! Please treat animals kindly. Defend them all. Go beyond loving and defending the pets at home. For an animal is an animal, no matter the color, or size or shape. Kindness does the heart and conscience good.




Factory Farming Awareness

If you would like to know more about factory farming without the gore, check out this video in cartoon form. Please be part of the solution to factory farming. Please eat conscientiously. What a blessing to both your health and animals lives by doing so.

People Don’t Want To Look


People don’t want to look at the similarities between people and animals. They want to look at the differences.

There was a time in my life when I ate animals. I asked my Aunt one day why she was Vegetarian and she said it was those big brown eyes of the cows. She saw the connection, the similarity. She knew they had feelings and that the spark of life that was in her was in them as well. She knew they felt fear and pain and sadness. She knew they were innocent. To her they were like a friend. How could she hurt a friend, much less kill a friend?!

When we look into the eyes of our pets, think about a cow or a pig or a chicken. Love those eyes as much as your pet. See the feelings and similarities behind the eyes.

Children love animals, but are brought up to eat them. They are taught the differences and not the similarities. The children though are innocent. And the animals too are innocent. As I worded it in a previous post, “when is it no longer innocent to eat the innocent?”

So the ‘eyes’ have it!  Let’s not quench the spark of life, whether person or animal. For all those who have this spark of life….it is a most precious treasure to each one.



Every Life


I am busy today learning my script for upcoming presentations for the Factory Farm Awareness Coalition. In the meantime I want to post a very simple quote and photo. Please have a heart for ALL animals. They need us. Erase the dividing line and see them equally. We can live without eating, wearing or using them for testing. The results will be a healthy body and good conscience. Live a life of kindness.

Rethink Legality


It is illogical to protect some animals and yet eat others. Cut the line that divides them. An animal is an animal. They ought to be able to enjoy life like any other creature or person given life. People can do a tremendous good and save many, many of these animals by simply eating less meat. Consider the good that our health and conscience would feel just by doing so. It’s worth a try for everyone involved: the person and the animal. They are precious and we can all help them. Try….

Google ‘Factory Farms’ for some sad education on what life is like for the precious innocent animals there. It’s time that change comes to them. The animals on factory farms is the new face of slavery. In time, it too will be abolished, by the brave and by the sheer number of those of us opposing it.


What If It Was Me In There?


Would you mind please and take less than two minutes to watch the video footage below of pigs at a factory farm? It doesn’t show any killing whatsoever. I believe it is appropriate even for a child of middle school age. Research has said that pigs are smarter than even dogs. They are very social. Because of this, they do not do well confined. In factory farms they are ‘always’ confined in cages with no room to even turn around. They never see the sky nor grass. They don’t leave the shed where they are kept. The results of being confined drives them mad. That is the reason when they are born on the factory farm, workers cut out their teeth, tails, and testicles to keep them from hurting each other through the cages. And still they go mad. It breaks my heart.

So I ask that you watch the video and ask “what if it was me in there?” All they want is….out. It’s pitifully sad. Please don’t support factory farms. Eating less meat means producing less animals in these kinds of conditions. Going meatless on Mondays is a great way to start.

Pigs Video by Humane Society of the United States


From Feathers To Fluffy Cotton!


It may seem odd for me to be posting about a ‘pillow’ instead of animal welfare, but bear with me and you’ll understand.

I just ordered two of these. Here’s the description from the website:

“All cotton sleeping pillow. Constructed with 100% American-grown and American-made cotton. Hypoallergenic with no synthetic irritants as other pillows.
We start (and finish) by using only the softest, most luxurious American Upland Cotton – inside and out — in all of our products. Unsurpassed quality standards are used in our state-of-the-art fabrication houses in Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC. We are strictly American in all of our processes, including the cotton we use, our machinery, our supply chain, our packaging, and of course our most valuable asset: our people. Our clean, simple promise to you is that we will always bring you products made from only the very finest materials available at the best price possible.”

You can find this pillow here, although I bought mine from JC Penney : Lula Mae Pillow On Etsy

This pillow is made from a PLANT source: cotton to be precise! I spent many, many years buying down pillows. It’s the only kind that is comfortable to me. But here’s what I found out about down: “According to the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL) “Down and feathers have the lowest carbon footprint of any other fill material, both natural and synthetic.” But high quality down is the plumage of ducks and geese, normally plucked from their chest region, in some instances whilst they are alive. Not something that is appreciated by vegans or animal welfare proponents. But there are options for saying ethically warm. Down Alternatives” Can Down Be Ethical?

Some time back when I learned about the sad side of down I ordered a pillow with wool inside. It wasn’t quite right and too much filling. So I returned it. The other thing I dislike is that most down ‘alternatives’ are synthetic. And that’s why I’m so thrilled to find a cruelty-free, NATURAL COTTON alternative!

Here we come to the funny part: the two negative reviews about this cotton pillow is the very reason I ordered them! They said it went flat. Anyone who loves down pillows knows that their head just sinks right ‘down’ into them! So I have high hopes that I will like them. I paid the same price for two that I used to pay for just one down pillow. We have an RV, so one of the pillows will be for it.

I’ll update you in the comments on how I like or dislike them. Please leave any thoughts or experiences you’ve had as well. In the meantime, please buy kind products, not animal based. I am looking forward to sleeping and dreaming with a much clearer conscience on my new plant-based pillows!

For those who may have never heard: cotton has been quoted as ‘Southern snow’! If I love these pillows as much as the South, it will be love from here on out. 🙂