Teach And Be Kind



Pesticides Have Killed 90 Percent of the Monarch Butterfly Population in 20 Years. Take Action Now! | One Green Planet

KINDNESS stoops down even to the smallest insect. Here’s how to help the Monarch ❤

Once covering more than 45 acres of trees with their bright orange and black wings, last years monarch migration barely covered 1.65 acres. Over the last two decades, monarch butterfly populations have declined by nearly 90 percent.

Source: Pesticides Have Killed 90 Percent of the Monarch Butterfly Population in 20 Years. Take Action Now! | One Green Planet

It’s A Bug’s LIFE!


Today, as I was snacking on my beloved Raisinets, I looked at the ingredients list. People really do need to look at ingredients. They would learn a whole lot; things that would shock them into cooking more at home and be careful what they eat. One of the ingredients in Raisinets is Lac-Resin. I looked it up and here is what I found: “Shellac or lac resin is a product that is imported from India and is used in waxes for citrus fruits, apples and pears. It is a product that is derived from the secretions of the tiny lac insect. The lac insect secretes “lacresin” from its glands onto a host tree. I found an image of the insect and posted it above. The insect is called a kerria lacca. Cute little thing, but nothing of it do I want to ingest! I’m sure there are avid meat eaters who stick to steaks but would become nauseous at the thought of eating anything to do with insects! As far as harvesting, it depends on the use. If it’s a candy coating they harvest the secretion of the insect. If it’s a dye wanted, they kill the insect for it’s red color. For some, this article and realization of this bug’s life and what they’re eating won’t matter a bit. But for others it does. For me it does. If there are other means without using animals and insects I’m all for it! I know plants have lives too they say, but plants remain in the ground. Just sit and watch animals and insects, the way they roam and MOVE! They are meant to be happy and FREE…even the tiny insect. There is a difference between killing a plant versus an animal. One will cry out. I want to practice compassion and do the least harm. I hope many others will adopt that concept too. Goodbye Raisinets…