Break Out Of The Mold


It takes courage to face reality. To see things as they truly are. To be awake and not asleep. It even takes courage to escape. You may ask, “escape from what? To what?” If only people could see more clearly, to think differently than what they were taught as children. To unlearn and have courage to break out of the mold. Parents in general are well meaning, but let’s follow what is right. Don’t follow just to follow.

Would children truly want to eat the inside of an animal if they never had started? And even if they tasted it but once, would they then start killing animals for the taste of them? Would it not be unlike them? There is something more to the packages of meat people buy in the grocery stores. There was the death of a cow, a pig, a chicken, a turkey and others in ABUNDANCE. Animals who could have had a happy life otherwise.

I grew up eating meat until the Summer of 2000. Now I see a hot dog or packaged meat for what it truly IS and WAS. It is now the inside of a dead animal that was once a living being who desired love and care from us. If people could start over, would they have the desire to eat the inside of animals? Or would it seem horrid?

Being an animal lover should go beyond just our pets. Who says a pet HAS to be a dog or cat or horse? If we love animals we need to realize that pets have always been…..animals.

Save them, don’t eat them. Be their hero. You do have a choice. I hope we all choose kindness over killing.


A Healthy Push


So many of us criticize ourselves. It may sound absurd, but many times acceptance of oneself brings peace with the benefit of ‘change’! By taking the pressure off of yourself, you’re able to breathe and actually be happy!

People have different reasons for exercising. Some want a better looking body where others want good health. Here’s yet another example and it’s about me: I weigh just under 100 pounds and I’m 5’1″ tall. I am very petite. I can wear children size clothes and shoes. I decided to exercise today by walking. I greatly need more muscle and weight. If I were a fruit maybe I’d be considered a raspberry. They are so fragile!! The point is, we are ALL different from one another, but we need to see how special we are as individuals, similar to the photo above.

Now don’t get me wrong. Acceptance is one thing, but our health is another. Exercise is a kind thing to do FOR your body. When you exercise for your health it brings results to your body both inside AND out. So whichever wonderful ‘fruit’ you may be, exercise will just make you a prize specimen! You know what I mean? Such as when you go the market and look at all of a particular fruit and pick the best from the bunch.

So you may be asking, “how do I start”? Well, starting is something you must choose to do. Sometimes it’s the hardest part. But if you are kind to yourself and not put so much pressure on yourself, you’re more likely to make progress! Try exercising for 5 minutes to start with. Some may laugh at this, but sometimes the slower you go the faster you will reach your goal. If you do too much too quickly, many give up.

It’s also good to push yourself a little. And I mean a ‘little’. If you’ve done 10 deep knee bends, then the next time do 11 or 12. You’ll gain strength and lose weight, but you just can’t do it in one day. I’m in this with you, so if you need support make a comment. I’ll see what I can do! A healthy push is good, but don’t overdo and stay the course…