Break Out Of The Mold


It takes courage to face reality. To see things as they truly are. To be awake and not asleep. It even takes courage to escape. You may ask, “escape from what? To what?” If only people could see more clearly, to think differently than what they were taught as children. To unlearn and have courage to break out of the mold. Parents in general are well meaning, but let’s follow what is right. Don’t follow just to follow.

Would children truly want to eat the inside of an animal if they never had started? And even if they tasted it but once, would they then start killing animals for the taste of them? Would it not be unlike them? There is something more to the packages of meat people buy in the grocery stores. There was the death of a cow, a pig, a chicken, a turkey and others in ABUNDANCE. Animals who could have had a happy life otherwise.

I grew up eating meat until the Summer of 2000. Now I see a hot dog or packaged meat for what it truly IS and WAS. It is now the inside of a dead animal that was once a living being who desired love and care from us. If people could start over, would they have the desire to eat the inside of animals? Or would it seem horrid?

Being an animal lover should go beyond just our pets. Who says a pet HAS to be a dog or cat or horse? If we love animals we need to realize that pets have always been…..animals.

Save them, don’t eat them. Be their hero. You do have a choice. I hope we all choose kindness over killing.


Free Turkeys!


As I was thinking of a title for this post, I simply looked at the photo. I could have chosen Wild Turkeys but more appropriate was ‘Free’ Turkeys. I’m sure there are those who thought the post was about free turkeys to eat. Turkeys in their nonliving and non-feathered state. On the contrary, it’s about freedom. Being free to live!

We are almost two months away from Thanksgiving. We look forward to family and friends, being thankful and for…! When I became Vegetarian one might say I went cold ‘turkey’. Except that for several years afterward, I would eat turkey at Thanksgiving. Tradition and taste was a hard thing to give up! But the year came when I finally saw the living bird as wanting to live! I stopped excluding the turkey from deserving to live it’s life as all other animals deserved. There comes a day when one sees not life on their plate, but death. And it’s not happy, nor joyful, nor thankful. The turkey’s in the photo are getting their nutrients from the green living grass and plants. Plants are nutritious! Vegetation doesn’t cry out to us if cut or eaten, but an animal will. There is a vast difference there.

With Thanksgiving around the bend, let’s take a little time to comprehend life and how precious it is to all who have it. Shouldn’t animals have the right to be happy? For those who say “okay, I don’t want to eat precious birds any longer at Thanksgiving, but what do I do?” You have options: Health food stores sell a bean based food called Tofurkey! Look it up. You can try a nice homemade veggie loaf. They are usually bean based. Grape Nuts Roast is another alternative. I’ll include the recipe below. In the meantime, if you’re struggling between meat eating versus becoming Vegetarian or Vegan, please know this: even cutting back on eating animals will help to save them. It may not have saved the ones you ate, but it helps to save the ones you haven’t. Take it a step at a time and it gets easier with each step you take. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may our meal consist of kind food.

Grape Nuts Roast






People Tend To Look Away


Before I became a Vegetarian, I looked the other way. Although I didn’t eat large quantities of meat, I didn’t know how to cook without meat nor did I know what I would order at restaurants. I just turned it off. It was too much of a hassle.

But one day I obtained a pamphlet about the use of animals as food. The photos seared into my brain. I kept the pamphlet but ‘put it away’. Closed my eyes. But when something is seared into your mind…it never lets go. So after a couple of years I found the pamphlet and began to THINK. To think about the animals that are killed by the droves. To think about how ‘they’ must feel.

Not long after that in the Summer of 2000, I was driving down the road and saw a mother cow rubbing up against her baby. That was my turning point. I thought to myself, “they have feelings”! If they can love, then they can hurt. That moment I began to try to go without eating animals. I no longer called them meat, I called them what they truly are: animals, beings. For the most part I did just fine in my journey to become Vegetarian. I would cheat now and then, especially at Thanksgiving. Turkey was the last animal to stop eating. Gravy is cheating as well. But for some people, it’s just what one does on their road to completely stopping. It is not a road that I condemn. I commend even the people who are trying to stop by simply eating LESS meat. Eating less meat each week or even whole days will save animals lives. Meat demand is high. If people ate less meat, the demand would lessen and fewer animals would have to die. I understand that farm animals consume MUCH more water than people realize because the demand for meat is high. If the amount of meat consumed was reduced, (reducing the population by less demand) this may prove part of the answer to the need for human water consumption!

I am a Vegetarian, not a Vegan. I do consume both dairy AND non-dairy substitutes. Whether I one day go Vegan remains to be seen, but consuming non-dairy alternatives works just like the meat scenario: the less the demand the more lives saved.

If one becomes Vegetarian it is wise to do your homework when buying eggs and dairy. Find a farmer who treats his/her animals well or find a good natural foods store and ask about the farms or those who own the farm. I like Happy Eggs. A link to a video will follow at the end of this post. Of course the Happy Eggs are pricier, but having a clear conscience is worth the price to me. I have my own hens/eggs, but they do not always lay eggs due to weather extremes, therefore I must then buy them at the store. I have a lot of land where they roam free. They are a joy to watch and care for.

I will be posting Vegetarian and Vegan recipes each week to help anyone on a journey to go meat/animal free or dairy/egg free. It’s a journey I have been most happy with as each year passes. It’s a process that may take time, but have patience with yourself. Grow at YOUR pace. It’s not a race, it’s a lifestyle.

The Happy Egg Company