Nine Months


It’s been nine months since the last time I wrote on my blogsite. Nine months….hmmm…sounds like the right time to give ‘birth’ to something a bit different. But for all the same reasons that I began the blog in the first place.

Animal advocacy really takes guts. A strong gut at times. I’m not one of those kinds of people. I have the big heart but I haven’t the stomach to watch videos of hurting animals. If you’re someone who has the heart AND the guts to see tortured souls and still fight for those precious animals, then you’re extra special. I appreciate you for all that you do, whether you’re an organization or an ordinary person. For the reason mentioned above, I’d like to take my blog to a new place. It’ll still be all about animal advocacy, but MY angle needs to be different. More animal-friendly recipes and rescue stories. Something that shows hope and progress for factory farm animals. If you’re a person who wants to help farm animals, there are many different ways. First, of course, is to go vegetarian or vegan. The animal friendliest is vegan. As far as advocacy, do your homework and find the way that fits you best. You know what you can and can’t handle more than anyone else. Do what feels right.

Thanks for sticking with me! I hope my future blogs will be a blessing to you, to others, and to our farm animal friends…

kind food, kind you

Consume Not

We have two choices: to care for beings or consume them. Consider showing them kindness. Animals as well as people just want to be loved. Try a vegetarian or vegan diet. Even reducing meat eating will save animals by reducing their production/slaughter. They’re precious!

So You Like The Taste Of Meat


So you like the taste of meat eh? Most people do. As a matter of fact there’s more Vegetarians and Vegans who would admit to that as well! So WHY did former meat eaters stop eating meat? Well, most people who stop eating meat do so either for their health or because they love animals or both. I would imagine that the majority of people who eat meat would rather an animal NOT have to be killed in order to do so. Yes, that package of meat was an animal who was killed. Most people LOVE animals. Especially kids. But kids eat what is placed before them. They have little to no choice. Their choice is what their parent’s choose. So, do you like the taste of meat, but wish there was another way, a better way? There is. Here are some things to ask yourself:

Can I not eat as much meat as I do?

Can I try one day a week to explore Vegetarian eating?

Can I try to mix meat eating WITH Vegetarian/Vegan options as a way to cut back on meat?

In this day and age of technology there must be all kinds of support groups for people trying to cut back on meat eating and explore other ways. Why not join one!? In the long run you’ll be healthier and so will the innocent animals. The less people buy meat the less they will breed animals for people to buy/eat. Yes, believe it or not, you CAN make a difference! Try…



Try a kind diet. Try Vegetarian or Vegan. Being kind to animals is more than not abusing them, it’s not eating them. To eat them they must be killed. Try a kinder diet.

Would It Matter Then?


If you were a cow, a chicken, a pig, a farm animal…..would eating animals matter then? Does it matter to the animal that he is about to be killed? Does he feel scared? Does he feel pain?

Know this: that packaged meat in the grocery store, the burger from the fast food chain….was so much more that that. He/she was an innocent being with feelings who wished only to be ‘loved’. One day it mattered to me, and still does.

What can you do? The answer lies in what we eat. Reduce buying and eating meat and dairy. That would be a wonderful start! One that would help the animals AND your health. It did one more thing for me, it sure helped my conscience.

May our 2018 choices be kinder ones. Kind Food, Kind You.